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Tandem Skydiving Center

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High Altitude Jumps

Skydiving Dallas 35 is the only skydiving center that offers high altitude jumps. Come join us at the closest skydiving location to Dallas Fort Worth for a day of fun with your friends and family. We cater to tandem skydivers.

Our Dallas Fort Worth Skydiving Facility has

High quality planes, high quality gear, high quality people

Skydiving Dallas 35 offers a world class facility built to offer first time tandem skydive experiences. Our hometown dropzone proves it's superiority by being the only Dallas/ Fort Worth dropzone to offer high altitude jumps capable of giving you double the freefall time of what is offered anywhere else. Our team of highly trained skydiving experts will take you on a journey of a lifetime as you strap up and head to the plane for your flight to altitude. Once we are several miles above the earth, the door of the skydiving plane will open, you will move towards the door, your heart will pound, the adrenaline will be racing through you, and just moments later you will fall freely away from an aircraft for your first time!

Many tandem skydivers report a constant feeling of both adrenaline and peacefulness as they learn to fly for the first time. You can enjoy an epic view of the metroplex and surrounding lakes as you pass through the sky towards deployment altitude. Our facility houses todays most cutting edge parachute systems designed for safety, comfort, and reliability. When your parachute opens you will enjoy flying the canopy over the airport towards a gentle landing where your friends and family can welcome you back.

About Us

Skydive 35 provides the knowledge, skill, and expertise to make your first tandem skydive in Dallas or any jump successful and memorable. Our qualified instructors and state of the art equipment will help you make the most of your Fort Worth skydiving experience. We are the closest turbine aircraft Skydiving Facility to both Dallas and Fort Worth, centrally located between both city centers.


Every weekend you can see colorful parachutes in the air over Hillsboro. SkyDive35 has introduced thousands of people to this unique sport. We are currently open Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9:30 AM. Due to the increased popularity of this amazing sport, we encourage you to schedule ahead for tandem skydive jumps.

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Hillsboro Municipal Airport
1000 Airport Boulevard, Hillsboro, Texas 76645

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